Easy Steps To Update Your Bathroom!

After the kitchen, updating your bathrooms is the next best thing for increasing the value of your home! Here are a few tips which will help you decide whether to try it yourself or hire a professional.


  • Hardware (cabinet hardware, towel rack, toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, soap bar holders)
  • Towels/Rugs (use a common colour theme)
  • Mirror (replace standard builder mirrors with something modern. Go as big as possible).
  • Paint (greys, earth tones, whites are in right now)



  • Lighting (modernize light fixtures, remember to always use an electrician if you do not know what you are doing)
  • Toilet Upgrade (ship out those old beige or green toilets from the 70’s/80’s and upgrade to a modern white toilet with multi flush options. Don’t go too crazy though, you won’t get all your money out if you go overboard. A clean white middle of the road toilet will do just fine)
  • Vanity (a modern looking vanity is a great way to update your bathroom. I would hire a professional as this can get messy. You can add granite if the home warrants, but you won’t always get your money out. Make sure there are at least some drawers).Recessed-Shelving



  • New Tiling (this can give you that WOW factor in any bathroom. It can also be pricey. Go with something modern, a nice glass or ceramic backsplash in the shower area. Ceramic floors are very popular. Hire a professional unless you are very skilled in renos).
  • Glass Inserts/Doors (get rid of that clunky shower curtain and add a custom made glass wall/door for the stand up shower with a handle, or a half wall on the shower/bathtub. These scream elegant and high end. On custom homes and high end models, you’ll see more return than in more average priced homes. This can be pricey, especially if you go custom).
  • Heated Floors (a nice touch in a high end home. You won’t get your money out in a normal subdivision home however. Don’t try this one yourself though, it’s very difficult. I’d recommend using a professional).



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